In August of 2008, a 9-acre plot of land was purchased as the grounds of the new high school. Construction of the initial buildings began in 2010. In addition to the three 
buildings, a new clean water well and water tower were installed along with a small generator room so that the campus has running water, flush toilets and on-campus light and power. The high school classes (grades 10, 11 and 12) moved into the new building in February of 2014. 
In spite of the Ebola crisis which occurred in 2014 work continued on the second 4-classroom building for the junior high school. During the summer of 2015 the roof was completed on that building and although the building finishes (windows, tile 
floor, and painting) still remain to be completed the building was able to be used to relocate the Jr. High to the new campus.
Funds are still needed for the completion of the finish work on this third school building, developing better road access to the campus and finalizing plans for the construction of the future chapel building. 

Project Buchanan

Project Buchanan is a building project whose goal is to help expand and improve the existing Pillar Mission school in the town of Buchanan. The project is focused on the development and construction of school facilities. 

The country of Liberia is in desperate need of schools to help educate their next generation. As the country seeks to rebuild itself after years of destruction from war and political upheaval, the educational system is likewise in need of rebuilding. In Liberia today, the educational outlook is bleak. According to UNICEF's 2008 State of the World's Children Report for Liberia:
1 out of 3 elementary-aged children does not attend school
4 out of 5 high school-aged children do not attend school
In any country, children hold the keys to the future, and providing them with an education helps to ensure a brighter future not only for each child, but for the entire country. Education also helps to break the cycle of poverty. In a country where 90% of the population lives below the poverty line, and 85% are unemployed, education is key to providing hope and relief to a struggling people.